Tipping Point Basketball is now Five Star Basketball!

Tipping Point Basketball is now Five Star Basketball

When Brandon and I took over Tipping Point just over a year ago, our goal was to set the standard for travel basketball, camps, clinics, and leagues. Our dream was to do this full-time. Although we’ve made great strides in a short amount of time, we both do all of this on top of working full-time jobs. I’m excited to announce that as of January 1st our dream is now a reality. I (Brae) have accepted the role of Director of Basketball Operations for Five Star Life (FSL) , which allows me to work full-time and put 100% of my energy into serving your kids! Additionally, Brandon has joined FSL and will function in the same role he previously played at Tipping Point, meaning he’ll continue to teach and Coach at Edwardsburg Schools while working with our program after-hours.

FSL is changing culture by changing the mindsets of kids, and we’re thrilled to be part of this movement! This new role with Five Star Life allows us to continue to doing what we love full-time, with the support of a thriving not-for-profit (fivestarlife.org) that impacts thousands of kids per week through its various leadership, character, and mindset programs, along with Summit, its 350-acre training facility in Union, Michigan. In short, FSL will enhance everything we’ve been doing. We will be able to offer more training, more clinics, more leagues, and more travel teams with more impact while giving your son/daughter the individual time we desire and they deserve.

Joining FSL isn’t just about helping us fulfill our dream. Joining FSL equips, empowers, and positions us to help your kids fulfill their dreams! Everyone talks about bringing basketball minds and programs together and Brandon and I are taking this step with Five Star Life to do it. Stay tuned for our initial launch of new programs we’ll be offering Q1 and Q2! Happy New Year!